Coping with Life-Altering Tragedy

It happened long ago, and you have never been the same since. Or perhaps it happened recently, and your can't imagine how you are going to get through the next week. These are things that are so shocking and disturbing that you simply can't forget - your only hope is that you can only learn to live with it. Find others in your situation and share there thoughts, and how they live with the memories that won't go away.

Divorce of my Parents
When they did it, they thought it was the best thing they could do for you. But it still hurts. Even 35 years later, according to Judith Wallerstein. You want to have a normal life, but is it worth all the pain to take a chance?

Divorce of my Spouse
He/she is gone, and so is the safe, stable world that you thought you knew. Where do you go from here?

Rape is common. Most victims don't press charges. Most victims know the rapist. The humiliation of disclosing this to friends can be an ordeal. How do you work through this?

Sexual Abuse or Incest
You were touched sexually by an adult, when you were a child. It may have happened a long time ago, but you can't forget. It hurts, enormously. How do you find a way to accept this memory, and move on with your life?

Death of Loved Ones
He or she is gone now. All the things you wanted to say - they can't be said. Or can they? You keep wondering whether there was anything you could have done to prevent it. But that won't get you anywhere. You don't want to forget the one you loved, but you need to find a way to accept the loss.

Death by Auto Accidents
Your loved-one died in a car accident. Something that should have never happened. Yet it's too late now, and you are left alone with your memories. You may have no friends who understand, who have lost a loved one this way. Yet this is very very common. Find people who understand and can share your experience.
Suicide of Loved Ones
Suicide is especially painful for the family left behind. You all wonder if it could have been avoided - if you had done something different to prevent it. Maybe you could have done something if you only knew this would happen. But you know that this thinking does nothing to bring the person back to you - you are only torturing yourself. How can you accept it? How can you continue to love and miss your loved one, while at the same time, accepting the reality and moving on with your life? You are not alone. Meet people here who have shared a tragedy like yours.
Murder of Loved Ones
It seems like murder is an event that you read about in the paper, but that rarely happens to real people. But it is not the case. It happened to your loved one and to many other people. How do you accept that there is someone out there who intentionally took the life of the one you love? Do you dedicate your life to seeking justice? This is usually impossible. How then do you accept this, keep the memory cherished, and yet move forward with the rest of your life?

Losing a Job
No one ever told you the job would last forever, but for some of us, losing a job is as painful as a death in the family. Do you have what it takes to make ends meet? Will you stay off the streets? What does this mean for who you are as a person? How do you get back on your feet?