Help Us Make It Complete

What were the hardest years of your life?

14, 15, 16?
44, 45, 46?

What made those years so unbearable?

Shyness? No friends? You were the brunt of everyone's jokes?

Acne? Obesity? Anorexia? Divorce? Child Abuse? School too hard? Substance Abuse? Career downturns? Cancer or death of loved-ones?

Were most or all of these life-altering crises fundamentally caused or resolved by Your Relationships to Others?

Our Mission

Being-there does not exist for business and is not for entertainment. It is here for the hard work of living - that which you must face when you are neither earning a living nor being entertained. In particular, we are focused on the aspects of life for which the internet has fundamental and unique, and largely unrealized benefits to people around the world:

  • Interpersonal Growth That is, growth in your skill with and understanding of your own interpersonal relationships.
  • Cross-cultural Communication That is, one-on-one communications between cultures all over the world, that have previously been separated by distance, fear, language or war.

Chat is Everywhere - How Can Being-there Make It Better?

It's true. Chat is one of the fundamental benefits of the internet. Over 50% of teens already use internet chat. Many of them may already be getting what they need. How does Being-there make it better?

We offer 3 major benefits over existing internet chat opportunities: Focus, Context and Access. All of these work together to make Being-there help us all realize the full potential of the internet to promote inter-personal growth and cross-cultural communication.

How Can I Help?

At this time, lack of money and time are the biggest barriers to our making Being-there complete and ready for the wider community of internet users. We must support our families while building this project, and this limits the amount of time we can give for free to the project. To make this project become real as soon as possible, we will need financial support from individual contributors or institutions who share the vision. Your contribution will go toward salaries of the system builders and additional contract programmers, community facilitators, and artists.

We welcome the opportunity to work with major contributors to implement a sequence of goals, objectives, deliverables and deadlines corresponding to a sequence of progressive donations, to assure you at each step that your contributions are leading inevitably to the realization of our shared goals.

If you are considering providing financial support to enable this effort, please contact us through any of the channels presented here.