Being-there Community Building Features

This page describes the features of the Being-there community portal service and software. It includes features that exist now and new features that are being planned.

Current Features
Being-there 3D Chat Software

  • 3D, Virtual Reality chat environment that works well with older computers (minimum requirement: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000, Pentium 133MHz, 16MB RAM)
  • 1-on-1 Voice-chat (max 4 people with modem)
  • MP3 music player - for background music.
  • User-defined avatars

Future Features
Being-there 3D Chat Software

  • Support for common IRC Chat features, including scripted actions and events, file transfer, colored text, etc. With IRC compatibility, we can extend our reach into the millions of regular IRC chat communities. The link below shows the reach of IRC; for example, on August 15, 2004, there were 1,397,323 people using IRC chat at the same time!

  • User-defined "gestures" - animation and audio actions for your avatar (e.g., wave, say hello, groan, etc)
  • User-defined 3D worlds
  • Automatic Software Upgrades - in the background

Future Features
Being-there Community Web Portal

  • Each community defines it's own web page
  • Community chat event calendar, with a user-defined minimum number of attendies required. If not enough people sign-up for the event, then it is canceled.
  • Automatically open a chat in a specific chat room by clicking on a web page link
  • Community Forum or Bulletin-Board for sharing off-line messages
  • Web-based Java chat for immediate access to chat room and for people without Windows PC.