About Being-there

Being-there is to be structured as a non-profit educational corporation. We will provide a portal for user-driven interactive communities focused around issues of vital interest.

Our Mission

Being-there does not exist for business and is not for entertainment. It is here for the hard work of living - that which you must face when you are neither earning a living nor being entertained. In particular, we are focused on the aspects of life for which the internet has fundamental and unique, and largely unrealized benefits to people around the world:

  • Interpersonal Growth That is, growth in your skill with and understanding of your own interpersonal relationships.
  • Cross-cultural Communication That is, one-on-one communications between cultures all over the world, that have previously been separated by distance, fear, language or war.

Why We Are Unique

  • We have something to talk about. We provide a portal of communities oriented toward the many themes for which internet chat can satisfy vital, compelling needs, such as:
    • Anonymous discussion of sensitive issues such as relationships and body image
    • Breaking through the isolation brought on by disabling, chronic disease
    • Cross-cultural dialog unencumbered by the agendas of mass media corporations
  • We provide an immersive, 3-dimensional, voice-enabled chat environment that is more intuitive, expressive, and easier to use than traditional text-based chat. We expect to make internet chat accessible to a wide range of people through this medium.
  • As a non-profit organization, we can remain focused on our mission rather than being obligated to maximize the return on investment required by a for-profit corporation.
  • Our 3D chat environment supports animated banner ads (and possibly audio or 3D ads in the future) on the walls of our 3D worlds. This source of ongoing revenue will help assure our continued viability over time.
  • Our 3D chat technology inter-operates with the open standard IRC Chat protocol. Our users can chat with their existing friends on their existing IRC chat servers.
  • Management

  • Dana Ludwig, Co-founder, software developer, physician-by-training
  • Michael Marcous, Co-founder, multi-media software developer and artist
  • Phil Lehman, communications genious and sales professional
  • Vital Contributors

  • Jaimi McEntire, Eldermage, Creator of 3D technology
  • Jordon Douglas, Moonshine Productions , responsible for 3D art work and design
  • Francois Piette, creator of the Internet Component Suite
  • VoiceAge, creators of the best voice compression technology available
  • Carlos Barbosa, creator of WaveIO sound processing software components
  • John Mertus, creator of TAudioIO sound processing software component
  • EldoS, maker of EldoS Sounds MP3 decoder software component
  • Theodor Kleynhans, of Sulako Developments, maker of TGifImage GIF image decoding software component
  • Gregory L. Bullock, maker of MakeUpdate, a software patch creation component
  • Julian M Bucknall, creator of EZDSL, which includes a priority queue component used for scheduling real-time events in the 3D world.
  • Chris Vleghert and Info-Zip, creators of a Zip format compression software component
  • The large number of individuals who have patiently tested the software and provided valuable help in making suggestions for enhancements
  • Borland, creator of the finest software development tools, including Delphi used to build our software

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