Life is hell sometimes, and more often than not, it's about people in our lives. Some of us don't want to dwell on relationships - it's too embarrassing and personal. Yet we wonder - are we the only ones who feel this way? Welcome to a place where you don't have to be embarrassed - because nobody knows who you are unless you tell them. Lets see if we can share our questions and maybe learn together how to cope and live with relationships


Shyness is hell. You want to talk, but your heart pounds at even the thought of taking such a risk. Speaking in public is a major ordeal, with sweaty palms and all. You are surrounded by people talking and laughing, but you are all alone. Welcome to the room where you can relax - nobody needs to know who you are, so you have nothing to risk. Lets come and share our lives, and our ideas for getting past it.
Most of the time you can be cool and get along with the challenges of the day. But some times, some people, push you so hard you could explode. Sometimes you do explode. And sometimes you hate the way it comes out. How can you ever find a way to live with this rage? And accept it. Lets get together and talk about our rage and how we live with it.
Geeks and Nerds
The word "geek" once referred to the man in the circus freak show who bit off the heads of chickens. In modern usage, it refers to people who are deeply involved in computers or other endeavors that most people don't understand, and are socially unsophisticated or awkward. Why are we on the fringes of social groups? Do we care? Should we care? How can we gain acceptance and understanding among those we do care about?
Other Outsiders
OK, maybe we really don't care about computers. But we are still on the outside, looking in. We aren't invited to join any of the "groups" at lunch. Maybe we are ridiculed and teased. Maybe we are just not noticed - invisible. Come share what it's like to be a stranger. You have nothing to lose in this room - you won't see us every day at work or at school. But together we may learn something as we meet here together.
Men - How to Meet Women
The bottom line - I'm alone and I don't want to be. What should I do? There are no simple answers, but there are a lot of messy, partial answers. How can it be so hard, and yet older people, as fat and ugly as they are, seem to usually end up with a partner? Lets get together and trade stories - about what has worked and what has failed. Maybe we will invite a fat, old, ugly person to give us ideas.
Women - How to Meet Men
Why are good men so hard to find? And when you find them, how can you make them notice you - make them want to ask you out? Or should we ask them out? Will it put them off? Why does this have to be so hard? Most older women have found a way to find a partner? How did they do it? Lets talk about what works and doesn't work in finding the kind of partner you want.
Being Gay or Lesbian in a Hostile World
"That is so gay!" you will here young people saying as in school, to express strong negative feelings. And yet, through adolescence, a very large number (2% to 9% according to one review) of men and women will be faced with the fact that they are attracted to people of the same sex, in spite of their best efforts to fit in. There are young people around you who feel the same way but you may not know it because they are often afraid of being discovered. This can be very painful to discover and cope with. Come talk about how others have coped with it, accepted themselves, and moved on to full and happy lives.
After the Breakup - How to Recover
He or she was the man or woman of your dreams, but not any more. It's over and you feel like there is nothing left in your life. You are not the only one. And most have found a way to survive it and even grow. Join them, share your stories, and see what tomorrow might bring.
Places to Meet
We've talked about relationships, but we haven't tried relating to people. Here is a safe place to practice, where you can keep your anonymity, as long as you keep it clean and legal. Don't expect to find your true love here - it could happen but it's rare. The internet is characterized by comings and goings, and few long-lasting relationships. Instead, relax, have fun and keep what lessons you can learn from your experience

A Clean, Well-lit Lounge
Visualize a community recreation center, a church meeting room or a local Christmas party with friends of the family. This is a place that your Mom or Dad would approve of. It might be a little boring, but at least you won't be asked to come to the bedroom. Keep it clean in here.
The Neighborhood Pub
Picture a friendly place where adults can meet and drink a glass of beer or wine. Not a dark bar to meet strangers for one-night stands, but a neighborhood pub, where everyone knows your name. Adults only, but keep it respectful.
Party All Night Long
Drenched in atmosphere, drowning in a hard-beating music, you are beckoned to put your worries behind you and let go of yourself. Adults only. Be happy and free, but beware - laws are still enforced in cyberspace. And please, don't break anything or anyone.