You love to dance, but your kind of dancing is specialized - and it is hard to find people in your local community to share it with, and to build your skills. Come here to find your community from people around the world

Break Dancing
Break dancing is uniquely creative and untamed form of self expression. The only problem is there aren't very many of us. In this community, we can get together from all over the country and talk about new moves and ideas on perfecting that special move that we have been working on for so long, that gives us so much pleasure when we finally get it!

Creative Writing and Poetry
For some people it's just words. But for those of us who love to write, it is everything - a passion, a release from our demons, and a secret weapon to infiltrate and subvert the minds of our readers. Come to share your passion with others, and perhaps discover new ways to free your mind through the written word.
Horse Lovers
Most of us know of a favorite dog or cat, but those of us with horses in our lives are few and far apart. Lets come together here, and share our happiness, frustrations, and techniques for making the most of our time with our horses.