Fantasy Role Playing

We all play games. We think we do it just to relax. Most animals, including humans, play games to learn the skills of surviving in the world. Yet, in our modern world, most of our problems have something to do with relationships.

Here, we are engaged in the hard work of playing games to learn and grow. We are here to do battle with the demons of our daily life. Like that monster at work or school. What will I say to him or her on Monday? Or what would he say back to me? What would I say if I were the monster? Let us play that game and find out.

I'll be you, You be your Worst Nightmare
I'm your friend, but I'm tired of hearing how aweful your boyfriend or mother or sister is. Come here, and exercise, or exorcise, those relationships through role playing games. I will be you, and you will be your worst nightmare - your mother, father, brother, or the person who picks on you at school or work. Together we will have some laughs, and maybe get a glimpse at what lies beneath.

The Argument Room
Those who followed Monty Python will remember the skit of the argument room. This room is based on that absurd concept. Can you have argument as a sport, without getting into a fight and hurting each other? This will be the goal - with ground rules and referees, we can have a safe journey into the world of disagreement.

The Game of Verbal Abuse
In the Monty Python room, when the person in the Argument Room got angry and began screaming it, he was informed that he was in the wrong room, and was directed to the "Abuse" room.

Here, we can have exercise our imaginations for verbal insults within ground rules based on the principles of good clean fun among friends, and nobody gets hurt.

Why would anyone want to play the role of a vampire? It turns out there are many reasons. Some are escapes from the real world. Some are lusts for power, domination and pain. Some are exploring the world of true outsiders looking in.

Come share your experiences in Vampire role playing games, and sample this fantasy world in limited, short-term sessions.