Our Families

Our families can be our greatest source of support or our greatest source of pain and misery... or both. Come here to find a place to share your family life issues.

Young Adults Coping with Parents
This is one of the biggest challenges of young adult life. Parents seem to go crazy just at the time when you need to show them you can make your own decisions.

They are gone too much
Your parents are always gone - on their jobs or with their boyfriends or girlfriends. Sometimes it seems like you don't even have parents anymore. Do they really care what happens to you?

They are not gone enough
Your parents are always in your face - always around, listening to your phone conversations and looking at your internet chats. When you tell them anything at all personal, they go nuts and start screaming or worrying. How can you find your own life when your parent are suffocating you?

Violent Parents
You have a parent who hits you - hard enough to leave bruises. You won't tell anyone because you think you might be taken away and put in a Foster Home. Or maybe your parent threatened you with something worse if you ever told anyone. Many people have been in this situation - find out what they have done.

Parents Coping with Young Adults
Your children used to be so loving, and now they won't even give you the time of day. They keep secrets from you. They go out behind your back. They are with friends who are not good for them. You want to trust them and let them learn their own way, but it is a dangerous world out there. They could get hurt. You could lose them. What are you going to do? What is your responsibility as a parent?