Coping with My Mind and Emotions

States of mind, and diseases of the mind can be no less disabling than diseases of the rest of the body. Here we offer you a safe opportunity to share with others like you on topics that may be otherwise difficult to discus openly

Those of you who have gone through a major depression know that it is more than just being sad - needing to talk it out. Instead, it is a major, debilitating condition where you are lucky to stay alive - where you often have an irresistable urge to end your own life. Yet there is medication available today that is highly effective. If you are a victim of, or significant-other of a victim of depression, come here to find out what you can do to survive.
Manic-depressive Disorder
You are an over-achiever who has intermittent bouts of paralyzing despair. Who can you talk to who will understand your range of emotions? Who knows where best to find support?
One out of every hundred people has had schizophrenia. This is a common, widespread condition, yet many people live their lives with this condition controlled by medication and unnoticed by others. How do you find the support you need to get through the next episode of your condition? How do you find access to the right medication? How do you deal with family members who don't understand you, and are afraid of your condition? How do you get people to take you seriously, as an otherwise normal human being? Come here to share your ideas with other people with schizophrenia and their loved ones.