Body Image

In cyberspace, no one can see your body. How nice ... because in the rest of your life, your body can be a big issue. Especially for young adults growing into a new body. Am I too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too plain, too invisible? What do other people think when they see my body? Does it matter? If it does to you, come in and join us.

Do you way more than most people? Is this creating problems for you? You are not alone. Should we lose the extra weight or just accept our selves? Can we consistently change our body weight, or will it come back later? How can we find clothes that fit? Come share your ideas and experiences.
I think I'm too fat, they think I'm too thin
You look in the mirror and see a fat person, but most everyone else says you are underweight. Sometimes this can get dangerous. In the extreme form, this mismatch between your own body image and your body image seen from the outside world, is at the core of anorexia nervosa. Tragically and astonishingly, this has been associated with death in 10 percent of cases. As you stop eating, your body loses the urge for food, and your digestive system loses the ability to handle food.

Come here to share your experiences with anorexic body images, and what you can do to overcome them.

Too much Acne
To a young person, acne is a curse where young people are afraid to show their faces. To older people, acne is the most visible sign of vigorous and youthful health and exhuberance. What is acne to you, and how can you learn to live with yours? Come here and share your ideas.
Too Invisible
Like me or hate me, but notice me! One of the curses of fitting in with your peers is that if you succeed to well, you may become invisible. Other times, you simply feel invisible - everyone seems to be getting excited talking about someone other than you. How do you cope with this? How do you make yourself visible and noticed without destroying your reputation? Come and share your miseries and the solutions that have worked for you.
Too Ugly
You are just plain ugly. Or just plain. Nobody tells you that but you know it is true.

Look around you. There are really very few strikingly beautiful people. Yet, as they get older, most of them seem to end up with partners. How can that be? Some of those couples are uglier than you! Some of those couples look happy! Is it inner beauty? Do they get together out of desperation? Then why are they so happy?

Everyone has a story. Everyone has something special about them that makes them unique and intriguing. Yet, how do we let our story be shown in a world where the popular media of magazines, television, and movies focus on only the most (superficially) beautiful people?

Come and share your stories and your inspirations for self-worth and happiness in this cosmetically oriented world.